What is Project CSX?

Project CSX stands for Crowd Sourced X, where "X" is any mobile device you want ZTE to build next. Originally announced at CES 2016 and kicked off on August 3rd, ZTE is currently holding the final voting stage now through October 19th to determine which device consumers around the world want in their hands.

The final device chosen solely by consumers has been announced  and will be unveiled in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017.

The Winner:

Congratulations to Z-Community member Arshad and his Eye Tracking, Self-Adhesive phone concept for winning Project CSX!  With over 176 countries voting throughout the competition ZTE is thrilled you have chosen to be a part of this industry-disrupting process and we look forward to bring this eye tracking, self-adhesive phone to market in 2017

The Finalists:

Choice A: Eye Tracking, Self-Adhesive Phone

Eye_Tracking_Self_Adhesive_Phone.png This phone has a unique eye tracking mechanism that scrolls pages based on eye movement. A self-adhesive back allows the phone to be added to a wall or flat surface for hands-free use, and other users will not be able to peer in as the phone has split screens, so only the main user sees the intended content.



Choice B: Optional Intelligent Covers with Stock Android Smartphone

standardAndroidIntlCover.pngA phone designed with magnetic connector ports will open new possibilities for great, functional covers. Four initial covers to be introduced for this phone are: 1) E-Ink flip cover, 2) Slide out gamepad cover, 3) Stylus cover and 4) an Android PC dock cover. Consumers can customize cases not just for appearance, but for functionality that makes sense to each individual.




  Choice C: Powerglove

Powerglove.jpgLearn finger and hand movement with this exo-glove, powered by your Android smartphone. Learn to play the piano, or guitar, or use it for rehabilitation purposes. Android developers can write any application for your smartphone which pairs to the glove to control movement over Bluetooth.





 Choice D: Stock Android Flagship Phone

Stock_Android_Flagship_Phone.jpgLove the Axon 7? This proposal for next year’s generation of Axon includes an improvement in performance, camera and optimizes the software closer to the generic version of Android produced by Google, otherwise known as stock Android. >





Choice E: VR – Interactive Diving Mask

VR_Interactive_Diving_Mask.pngWant to swim in tropical coral reefs? Swim with dolphins or sharks? This waterproof, augmented reality headset allows you to swim in your pool or the local lake with the feeling like you are in the open ocean, thanks to augmented reality.





Stay Connected!

Make sure to follow Project CSX through Z-Community, a member led forum designed for all consumers and technology enthusiasts to discuss the mobild industry and how technology is transforming the world.


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